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Outgoing Erasmus Traineeship between January 02, 2024 and July 31, 2024


Erasmus+ Traineeships Call for Applications

About the Program:

The International Relations and Mobility Office of Budapest Business University announces the call for applications for Erasmus+ traineeships to be implemented between
January 2, 2024 and July 31, 2024.

An Erasmus+ traineeship is a period of time spent at a company or organization operating in any Erasmus+ program or partner country. Its goal is to assist in acquiring the skills needed in the community labor market, as well as understanding the economic and social culture of the host country.
Within the framework of the Erasmus+ program, you can apply to three different types of traineeships:

Mandatory Traineeship

In this case, you must first consult with the Employability and Placements Office to find a traineeship that meets the requirements of the mandatory traineeship of your study program.

Voluntary Traineeship

If you feel that some foreign work experience would be useful, all you have to do is to find a suitable host company and submit an Erasmus+ application.

Traineeship after graduation

If you want to participate in a traineeship after graduation, you can do this within 12 months of your graduation. It is important to submit the application and sign the contract while still in an active student status though, before your graduation.

What are the conditions and opportunities?

• You must be studying for a degree at Budapest Business University and have an active student status during your mobility, except in the case of a professional internship after graduation.
• You must have at least one completed semester at the time of application, except for master’s degree, FOSZK, PhD, and doctoral students
• The selection is based on the cumulative adjusted credit index and other scientific and public activities. In case of a tie, we may request additional documents.
• You must have at least a B2 language proficiency level in the working language, or you study in the given language at BBU’s foreign language program. If you don’t have a language certificate, a language school or a certificate issued by BBU’s Institute of Foreign
Languages and Communication
is also acceptable.
• The total mobility duration within one study cycle (study and practice) cannot exceed 12 months. The minimum stay is 60 days.
• This opportunity is not available to students participating in the Stipendium Hungaricum program.
• Before starting a traineeship abroad, a Learning Agreement for Traineeships, which is a prerequisite for signing the Erasmus Grant agreement, must be signed by all parties. You will need to fill out and sign this agreement once you are awarded the scholarship.
• The activities carried out during mobility must be related to your study plan and current studies.
• At the end of the study period, the foreign receiving company must issue a Certificate of Traineeship Period. You must work a minimum of 30 hours per week at the host company.
• During the period spent abroad, you are entitled to the scholarship received from BBU.

How and when to apply?

The Erasmus+ traineeship application can be submitted at the Application Portal of BBU.
Application deadline: December 1, 2023
The planned traineeship period must fall between January 2, 2024 and July 31, 2024.
Required documents for application:
Invitation Letter (signed, scanned statement by the host company)
• Proof of relevant language proficiency
• Cover letter


Since there is a limited time frame to use the available funds, all eligible applications will be supported until funds are exhausted. Apart from the general eligibility criteria only two conditions apply:

a. Corrected cumulative credit index should be at least 3.00 for all aplicants.
b. OR you must be doing your Compulsory Traineeship abroad with Erasmus and you already completed the necessary documentation with the Employability and Placements Office

Where can I go?

You can apply to any Erasmus Program or Partner Country enterprise or organization for traineeship, which provides you with adequate support and mentoring.
It is the applicant’s responsibility to study the partner’s profile, coordinate the employment conditions in the host country with the host party, and complete the necessary administration, possible visa procedures. Get as much information as possible about the company, discuss the conditions and possible benefits with them. How can they help in organizing mobility: e.g. employment conditions, visa procedures, accommodation.
It is very important that you can only travel if you have valid health, accident, and liability insurance.
*Agencies:*It is worth considering traveling through an agency specializing in internship programs, which greatly facilitates finding the host company and administration, local services. You can find some active intermediary companies in THIS LIST.

How much scholarship can I get?

You can calculate the approximate amount of your scholarship in advance. The scholarship is a contribution to the implementation of your mobility plan, but it does not necessarily cover all your costs. Before you embark on this journey, create a budget plan. The amount depends on the destination country and the time period spent abroad. It is a lump sum, there is no itemized settlement, but you must prove the completion of the mobility according to your grant agreement. After signing the grant agreement, you will receive the scholarship in a lump sum, in euros.

Subsidy Rate (Foreseeable) 268.0000 HUF/month regardless of the destination country

We would like to draw the attention of our applicants that the grant is only expected to be disbursed after Tempus Public Foundation has disbursed it to the university.


Equal Opportunities Support

• The equal opportunity support is an extension of the previous social support, according to new criteria.
• In case of study mobility and traineeship mobility, you can receive an additional scholarship of 100,000 HUF/month in addition to the basic scholarship.

• Documents to be submitted:
- Application data sheet in an Excel format
- Application data sheet manually signed and then scanned
- Documents supporting eligibility in a signed, scanned format. The necessary, relevant forms are available on the “Declarations” tab of the application data sheet above.
Detailed call for application.

Additional Support for Disabled or Chronically Ill Students

The call for applications is published several times a year by the TKA. Information on the call for applications, conditions, and forms can be found HERE. If you are also applying on the basis of equal opportunities, you can only apply for additional support in this category if you have an itemized bill.

Be a Green Traveler!

The Erasmus+ program aims to inspire people to live green and promote sustainable solutions for everyday life. If you travel to and from your mobility site in an environmentally friendly way, e.g. by train, car-sharing, bus, bike, or walking, you will be credited with four more days of mobility and a one-off grant of €50.

Further Information

We will hold an online information session on November 7, 2023 between 14:00 and 16:00

For successful applicants, the Step by Step Guide” contains all necessary information

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Not available for applying at the moment