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Why not do your work placement abroad by the beach on one of the most beautiful Greek islands? Bella Vista Hotel is situated on Benitses beach in Corfu, Greece, and it’s the ideal setting for your summer internship in 2024. It’s a small hotel with approximately 50 rooms available during the summer.

Bella Vista accepts students from a wide range of different fields. While international hospitality internships and/or management programs are the most common, we open our arms to students looking for marketing internships, graphic design internships, art internships, and even creative writing internships.

The Different Types of Internships Available

Even though we favour hospitality, management and those looking for travel and tourism internships, we accept students for the following roles:

• Hospitality internship (suits all levels and degrees)
• Management work placement (suits advanced management interns from various faculties – of which engineering is popular – usually in their final year of study or during a masters)
• Night management internship (suits advanced management interns, usually in their final year of study or during a masters)
• Social media marketing internship (suits creative marketers who are studying a related field and want hands-on experience being an influencer on a Greek island)
• Creative writing internship (suits creative students, specifically aspiring authors, writers, or journalists, who are studying a related field)
• Graphic design internship (suits creative students who are studying a related field.)
• Art internship (suits creative students who are studying a related field and enjoy drawing, painting, illustrating, photography, architecture, filmmaking, or design, among other things)
• Dance internship (suits dancers looking for dance jobs abroad to work with the social media marketing interns to help us go VIRAL)

If you have an idea for an Erasmus internship at our hotel that is not listed above, don’t worry! The team at Bella Vista is always open to new ideas. Please inquire at: As for all other applications:

The summer internship program at Bella Vista Hotel provides students with practical, hands-on experience and exposure to the workings of a small enterprise in the hotel industry.Through this work practice, students have the chance to gain first-hand experience in hospitality, management, tourism and entrepreneurship. Summer internships in Greece don’t get more hands-on than this.

Throughout your Erasmus internship, students will meet other international interns and make new friends and connections. The emphasis of the placement is on hotel management and entrepreneurship, and to provide knowledge to students in a relaxed environment.

In addition to the practical training, students have the opportunity to live next to the beach in Benitses, Corfu, and take advantage of all the beauty the island has to offer. Interns often rent a car to see more of the beautiful island on their days off. This is especially encouraged to those on a social media marketing internship so you can create juicy content for our various channels!

• 50% of your work hours will be spent working with food and beverage, such as waitressing, food preparation and assistance, serving and cleaning tables, etc. (in the breakfast room and bar)

• 25% of your work hours will be spent in hospitality or marketing.
• Hospitality tasks may include: working on reception, guest relations, or working with reservations and various organisation platforms.
• Online tasks may include Facebook marketing, promotions and updates, creating content for Instagram, TikTok and other social channels, and replying to guests in guest review channels like TripAdvisor, etc.

• 25% of your work hours will be spent in management and sales, depending on individual capabilities. This can be a personal development project, reports on tourism, market research, learning how hotels are managed, and much more.

Note: Specific marketing internships may involve more time dedicated to reception and guest relations. However, please note that you are applying to work in a hotel and some form of hotel assistance will most likely be required. Be prepared to be hands on!

Work shifts are based around 8 hours per day, 5 days per week. These can be day, evening, night. They may be continuous shifts or split shifts (meaning you can go to the beach in between work!).

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6 Dec 2023