Internships in the UK with ESPA

ESPA has supported 1000’s of students since 2012. Students go through a rigorous selection process to be hired for one of oursupported internships.

- 4+months supported internships
- Erasmus grant eligible
- Visa application process handled on your behalf
- No ESPA management fee

All our internships include:

Accommodation. Each student will have a private bedroom, in a professionalhouse share, paid for the entire internship duration.

Visa support. We will prepare the certificate of sponsorship for each selectedindividual and guide them on the Visa application.

Pastoral Care. before and during the mobility. A personalised welcome packas well as a 24/7 helpline is available to each ESPA intern.

• The Certificate of Sponsorship cost us £966. You will have to pay 500€ for it and
your host company pay 600€.
• Your VISA application will cost around 350€
• 200€ accommodation deposit once you have signed the internship agreement with the company

Our internships are all applicable for Erasmus+ funding. The United Kingdom isa partner country in the programme and 20% of allocated funds to a Universitycan be spent on mobilities outside the 33 Erasmus+ countries. The decision toallocate the grant is made by the University.

Since Brexit, every student needs a VISA to enter the UK for an internship. Thanksto our expertise on the matter, we have been able to directly manage the processwith a 100% success rate. This has made it as simple as possible for the studentsand does not require any University administration involvement.

Here are some of our current vacancies:

Customer Success Internship – ESPA UK:

Business Analyst Internship – ESPA UK:

Communication and Relationship Management Internship – ESPA UK:

Marketing Internship – ESPA UK:

Data Analyst Internship – ESPA UK:

Get in touch:
Phone: +44 (0) 1225 430641
Email: edu@espauk.com4

17 Apr 2024